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Our Difference

The Alfresco Difference


Good design is based on functionality and style. A well designed deck will sit in harmony with its setting and allow effortless flow from lower levels through perfectly proportioned steps or stairways. Years of experience have shown us what works well and what does not.

You may already have plans drawn up and a firm idea of the deck that you would like built.

If you are not so sure of the best design options, then after an initial site meeting and brief, we will develop a set of drawings and plans specific to your needs. These plans can be further refined through subsequent meetings and discussions until the perfect design solution is reached.


We build to the highest level and we take pride in our work.

The use of laser levels provides us with a high level of accuracy that flows from the sub-floor construction all the way through to the finished deck cladding.

We use planer gauged treated pine for the sub-floor. This ensures a straight and dead flat and level deck. Any piles are H5 treated house piles.

All work conforms to the New Zealand Building Code.


Hardwoods are expensive and beautiful timbers. 

It makes good sense to employ the best deck builder in order to make the most of the timber’s potential.

We believe that installing a hardwood deck is a process that should not be rushed.

We take great care to ensure perfect straight lines, tight joints and straight lines of nails or screws.

It is through the use of the highest quality timbers, fixings and fastenings and other building materials, and a no compromise approach to the pursuit of the highest quality finished deck, that makes Alfresco different.

This attention to detail sets us apart from our competitors, but we believe it is worth it given that a well installed hardwood deck can last for 40 years.

Building throughout Christchurch and Canterbury,
Andrew Perkins 021 508-991.

Using the finest grade timbers available, and constructed with great care and attention to detail.